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Clinics:     Neals Yard Remedies, Salisbury

                      Not Just Backs, Tisbury

                      Home visits can be arranged


First consultation :  £70.00

First follow up (normally after four weeks) :  £35.00

Subsequent follow-ups as necessary :  £35.00

Reduced rate for three pre-paid consultations : £130.00

The cost of any biochemical testing or supplements are not included in the above fees.


What should you expect from your consultation?

Before your first consultation you are asked to complete a food diary and detailed health and family history questionnaire.  During the consultation we clearly establish the health goals you would like to achieve,  and discuss possible dietary and lifestyle contributors to your current health problems and we will agree a nutritional strategy to help you regain optimum health and vitality.

You will recieve a written action plan and given support and encouragement to make the changes needed, but you will need to be prepared to take an active role in your path to recovery. 

Your personal programme will explain dietary and lifestyle changes and how these can be achieved.  A supplement programme and biochemical testing may be recommended if these are thought to be appropriate.

Follow up consultations are normally 4-6 weeks after the first meeting with email contact between.

How long before you feel better?

This is impossible to answer as we are all individual with our own innate ability for healing, but often even small changes can start to make a diffrerence.  Remember, it may have taken months or years for a health problem to show up as symptoms, so it may take as long for full health to be restored.