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January Kick Start

Kick the January blues and go green


Kick Start JanuaryAfter Christmas excess who hasn’t swung into a January of abstinence, to fail at the first pop of a cork?  January is the worst time to detox anyway, so ease up on the guilt and go for a green January instead: gently support the liver and pile on the nutritional load in five easy moves.


Here’s how:


  • Drink three cups of green tea each day:  high antioxidants, lower caffeine, immune boosting and anti-inflammatory.


  • Add dried seaweed to vegetable soups or a warming mug of miso – the seaweed looks like spinach when cooked and is seriously high in detoxifying minerals. 


  • Have spicy watercress three times a week – in soups, salads and delicious chopped into cooked carrots instead of parsley. High in vitamin C, very liver cleansing


  • Whizz up a green smoothie:  lime juice, cucumber, avocado, kiwi fruit, watercress, a good sprig of parsley, Bramley apple juice and coconut juice


  • Try a super-greens powder for extra oomph:  ProGreens are exceptional