Consultations vary from practitioner to practitioner so here is what you can expect from a consultation with me. 

I take a Functional Medicine approach to Nutritional Therapy, seeking to understand the underlying causes for a client’s symptoms. Our journey together usually starts before we even meet typically with a free of charge telephone call to establish contact and make sure you are comfortable with the whole process.

> I request that clients complete a health questionnaire and food diary prior to our initial consultation
> During the consultation I will obtain as clear a picture as possible of the current and past health history – which allows me to identify the all-important underlying causes for symptoms 
> I then develop an individual mind map to illustrate how the various presenting symptoms are connected
> Together we will create and agree an initial personalised health protocol based on diet, exercise, relaxation and supplements.

Following on from your first consultation... 
The initial programme is usually designed to last four weeks before we have a review to assess progress, address any problems and move things forward. If clients are struggling I am available for email check-in between appointments.

Functional testing can often help focus a nutritional protocol, including investigating hormones, nutritional deficiencies, gut issues, food intolerance, infections, autoimmunity and toxicity – there are many to choose from and I only use reliable and certified laboratories. These can be extremely helpful to pinpoint the cause of symptoms and I will always offer such tests if I think they will improve the treatment. However, I realise these come at an extra cost and the final decision always rests with the client. 

I see my role as an educator and coach, helping each client overcome obstacles to fuller health and dispelling some commonly held health misconceptions. I like to create a professional, but relaxed environment in which clients feel confident to discuss their problems.

Typically, my clients have reached a point in their health span where they have decided to take more control of their own wellbeing. This may be due to illness, the need to reach peak fitness or simply to improve resilience in the face of ever-increasing demands of modern life. It may be that they are looking unravel the confusing health and dietary advice we are bombarded with and understand what is relevant for them.

There is no one-size fits all answer and never one diet that can work for everyone. The flexibility of nutritional therapy makes is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to improve their health.



In September 2021 I started a combined clinic offering joint sessions in Nutrition and Homeopathy with Suzie Reyes Nichol.

Homeopathy and Nutrition are a perfect marriage. Whilst Homeopathy re-establishes internal order, Nutrition addresses biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies.

Please contact me or Suzie at for further information.

(Both practitioners will be present during the consultation)

Initial Consultation: 90 minutes £150
Follow up Consultations: 60 minutes £100